Omnisecuritas Technologies Inc. in partnership with CYDEF would like to invite you to our upcoming webinar this coming July 6, 2022, Wednesday, 9:30am to 12nn.

Today, operating an effective endpoint security program can be extremely challenging. The necessary tools can be difficult to use, requiring an abundance of human resources to appropriately implement, support and maintain them. The situation is even worse for organizations that want to establish a strong endpoint security posture. Higher levels of security require even more resources, as they can be more costly to maintain and more complex to manage.

Join us on this session with our Speaker from CYDEF, Michael Noory, Senior Threat Hunter as he talks about what to look for in Managed EDR solution and why CYDEF is superior to any other MEDR solution.

You will also get to meet our highly trained Security Threat Analyst! So register & see you all on July 6, 2022!

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CYDEF started out in 2017 with a very different approach to cybersecurity – with a specific focus on SMEs and a desire to turn traditional cyber threat hunting on its head: by focusing on what constitutes a normal baseline, then investigate any and all derivatives from that baseline.  CYDEF has a world-class managed detection and response cybersecurity product called SMART-MONITOR that is enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has several patents pending.   CYDEF provides the expertise to track down endpoint threats, while clients can focus on running their businesses.  CYDEF also added an anti-virus product called ESET PROTECT AV to their managed endpoint protection. This new layer provides SMEs with the visibility into what’s happening on their networks so they can feel secure doing business online.


OmniSecuritas Technologies Inc. is the Philippines exclusive distributor and Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of CYDEF products and services. Furthermore, OmniSecuritas has benefited from hands-on training and support from CYDEF to the extent that OmniSecuritas are now a full partner to CYDEF’s global clientele and form part of CYDEF’s seamless team to provide 24/7/365 cybersecurity coverage.


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