CYDEF Testimonial – Bernard Gibbs, President & General Manager, OmniSecuritas Technologies Inc.

An introduction to our CEO and CYDEF – Solving the Cyber Security Problem

The vision for CYDEF – Reducing Cybercrime

Carving out a niche in cybersecurity – Competing in a crowded market

Building strong partnerships around the world – Rapid global expansion

Cybersecurity: Where should we start? A Digital Transformation Series Part 1

Evolution of ransomware and the need for continuous monitoring

Modern Malware: Stories from the Front Lines

CYDEF Testimonial – Jason Dunk, CTO, Saskatoon Public Schools (short)

CYDEF Testimonial – Sean Slattery, Founder & CTO, Caribbean Solutions Lab

Stand with Ukraine

The Best Virtual Office Prank – April Fool’s Day

Roadmap to Zero Trust in Education

CYDEF Customer Portal Demo

CYDEF Testimonial – Jason Dunk, CTO, Saskatoon Public Schools

SMART-Monitor Intro – Elana Graham, COO

CYDEF Program Explorer

SMART-Monitor Introduction

SMART-AV Introduction

Role of cyber insurance

CYDEF User Portal – Dashboard

SMART-Sentinel IOC Explorer

Verifiable Security: Protection with Detection

SMART-Sentinel Security Events Interface

CYDEF – GovTech Summit 2020

Work from Home Cyber Risks

Post-Pandemic Cybersecurity

Does Anti-Virus Protect a Business?

Remote work and Cyber Risks

Introducing SMART-Monitor

Windows installation

Mac installation

Intro to CYDEF

CYDEF Client Portal – Client Management

SMART-Monitor Detects Anomalous Activity to Keep your Network Secure