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Threat Detection for All

Of the numerous cybersecurity benefits that OmniSecuritas brings to your organization, what distinguishes our solution is our approach to identifying attacks. Our technology resides on all computers and servers within your organization and asks a simple question: Is this activity we expect to see in a typical business environment? Every time we answer “NO”, our security team investigates to determine whether it’s a severe security threat, such as a ransomware attack or a policy violation or a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). In all cases, we respond and coordinate with all our stakeholders in a transparent, expeditious and comprehensive manner.

How is threat detection different from anti-malware?

Anti-malware solutions analyze devices for known malicious files and patterns. As essential as this layer of cybersecurity may be, their capability is limited by focusing on known attack patterns. In other words, they only detect things that are known to be harmful. Unfortunately, criminals can test their tools against all the anti-malware solutions to bypass them. Another issue is that anti-malware is only as good as its latest update. If the software stops receiving the daily update, its capability to detect threats diminishes as time goes by. Finally, there are more than 40,000 new instances of new malware occurring daily and the best Anti-Virus and firewall in the world will struggle to keep pace.

OmniSecuritas’ cyber threat detection technology, provided as a managed service, gives you peace of mind. We have the core software, competency, and expertise to monitor your devices and operate the technology to ensure you’re always protected. But don’t take our word for it: we provide you with dashboards, reports, and tools to review the incidents we highlighted and coordinated with you on a response. You also have access to the data we collect and the decision we make. Why? First, it’s your data. Secondly, you can see how we work, understand what’s going on in your environment, and get recommendations to improve your security posture as a continuous improvement process.

Sophisticated, scalable technology that doesn’t burden you

OmniSecuritas’ cloud-based cybersecurity solution is powered by a lightweight agent running on your computers and servers. The data processing is done in the cloud, meaning that the impact on your infrastructure’s performance is virtually imperceptible.

We have proven that our solution is scalable to hundreds of thousands of devices. So our solution will work for you whether you have five or fifty thousand devices.

Rely on our dedicated response experts, who:

Manage and update the platform as required

Monitor all your devices for threats

Analyze unknown device access as it occurs

Initiate responsive actions to neutralize attacks

Recommend how to strengthen your defenses

Managed Endpoint Detection Response


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