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Cybersecurity is about the operational risk linked to technology and humans’ use of technology, which every organization depends on to serve their customers. Do you know where your vulnerabilities are? Have you prepared a response plan if your organization experiences a breach? Do you have the resources to perform forensic investigations and disaster remediation? With the global IT staffing shortage, most organizations are unprepared and incapable of handling all of their cybersecurity needs in-house.

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to cybersecurity. Still, we can work with you to build a strategy that makes sense to you, your business, and your priorities. We want to provide you with the peace of mind that your security posture is good, and your resiliency enhanced. We want to allow you to focus on your core business and leave the cybersecurity concerns with us.

Cybersecurity services to strengthen and protect your organization

Every business around the world needs cybersecurity protection. Assessing your vulnerabilities and having a response plan are critical to developing resilience and reducing your risk across your organization.


This service provides an understanding of the threats and security risks associated with a particular location, business function, or system. The outcome is to provide guidance to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability.


This service provides for protection against Data theft or destruction, as well as system failures which can have a significant impact on your reputation and capacity to stay in business. We can perform in-depth system reviews to ensure you have appropriate, effective controls in place to make it difficult for hackers to succeed.


This is a service where our experts “attack” target systems and infrastructure just like hackers would, and this provides you with a better understanding of your vulnerabilities and the potential impact that hackers could have on your business. Assessing your vulnerabilities and having a response plan are critical to developing resilience and reducing your risk across your organization.


For the incident response process to be most effective, it is critical to perform some preliminary activities to prepare and structure the process steps. We can help you with this preliminary phase, as a strategic prevention measure and in order to prepare your team to effectively respond to incidents.


Depending on the nature of the incident and its impact, the incident response will consist of several actions, usually technical, in order to mitigate the impact. As part of our incident response services, our team of experts intervenes at your request at each phase of an incident, in addition to supporting your internal communication process.


In many cases, seizure of affected equipment is made to make exact copies, so the team can analyze the material without altering the original data. Preserving the integrity of the data is crucial to ensure the admissibility of the evidence in court, in the event of legal proceedings.