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With OmniSecuritas Technologies SMART-MONITOR, you can focus on your business, knowing that your computers and servers will be protected  by a world-leading, proven ‘Zero Trust’ managed endpoint detection and response software and service to combat any suspicious activities.

We have a proven state-of-the-art solution and an experienced and competent team of security analysts to protect you and your clients from threats such as Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), policy violations, malware, crypto mining, espionage, and more. Based on our patent-pending Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a ‘Zero Trust’ approach to managed endpoint detection and response, our solution is 5x more effective than any on the market, ensuring a quicker identification, neutralization and resolution of possible threats.

OmniSecuritas as

Service Partners

OmniSecuritas works with different companies in different industries across Asia-Pacific and globally by providing value to those companies through a two-way partnership based on integrity, compassion, and trust. Let us tell you how we earned their trust

We offer flexible solutions geared to each individual company

We guarantee full transparency in our approach

We integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in our approach to highlighting abnormal behavior on your endpoints

We emphasize communication with your IT team and all our stakeholders

We implement a ‘Zero-Trust’ approach to endpoint monitoring to ensure we address all vulnerabilities

Did you know?

Data breaches are one of the top concerns of organizations today because over 62% of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) experienced a cyber attack in 2018. The average cost of data breaches is Php 200 Million, and system downtimes can cost up to Php 25 Million. Most of them do NOT recover from these attacks due to financial issues on top of losing their customers’ trust and reputation. But today, there are many ways to avoid these issues, and OmniSecuritas is the best solution.

Save Time and Resources

Our system is 5x more efficient than our competitors: One analyst can manage the telemetry for 10,000 devices! Through machine learning, our software becomes exponentially more efficient with every device added.

Two-way Partnership

We’ll work with you to support your team and/or your clients, as you see fit.

Flexible Solution

Whether you’re looking for MDR, EDR, or SaaS, we’ve got you covered.

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response


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Endpoint Detection & Response

“We are quite impressed with the zero trust methodology being used by CYDEF’s Smart-Monitor, as even pieces of malware that do obfuscations are being detected which other EDRs and AVs could not detect. “

Jerry Marqueses Jr.
Chief Technology Officer

Vista Land and Lifescapes


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Managed endpoint security deployed in minutes

Access OmniSecuritas’ cybersecurity analysts

Faster response times

The Prime Security Partner of Famous Brands

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