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Omnisecuritas offers mobile managed AV.

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What is a mobile protection product?

A mobile protection product can be separated into two distinct categories: security and management.

The security features range includes antimalware, anti-phishing, limiting access to unsecure connections and much more.

The management includes remotely wiping devices, restricting application installs, pre-configuring devices for users and other items related to IT management.


Why mobile protection?


Ransomware has traditionally been a major concern on desktops or servers, but since 2014, ransomware has also existed on Android devices. In 2014, we saw the first Android ransomware in the form of Simplocker. Just like the desktop variants, mobile ransomware has continued to evolve to employ new practices and new payload techniques to ransom mobile devices. When a business experiences a ransomware attack, it quickly realizes that the backups it has are not recent enough, so the business feels as though it must pay the ransom. Endpoint Security for Android provides layers of defense not just to prevent ransomware, but to detect it if it ever exists within an organization’s mobile workforce. It is important for all businesses to prevent and detect ransomware, as every time a ransom is paid, it convinces the criminals to continue to utilize this attack method.


Nowadays, organizations are enabling employees to work from remote locations, such as their homes or coffee shops. By allowing employees to work remotely, organizations have realized that this freedom brings with it a new set of challenges in the form of lost and stolen devices. These devices not only contain work-related documents, files and emails, but also can contain information that could harm an organization’s reputation. security and mobile device management (MDM) solutions for mobile platforms provide an organization the ability to remotely lock or remotely wipe devices. This ensures that sensitive information is not compromised when a device is lost or stolen or during an employee termination.


Organizations, due to liability reasons as well as time management reasons, want to ensure that their employees are using work-provided devices only for work reasons. Also, mobile devices become more risky when they are allowed to connect to insecure networks or when they have certain features enabled. solutions for mobile platforms provide organizations the ability to restrict users from certain applications and from calling certain numbers, as well as restricting the use of device features, such as cameras, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In addition, all of this functionality can be deployed as a time-based policy so features are locked down only during work hours.


Multilayered technology, machine learning and human expertise working together to provide comprehensive security for all mobile platforms.


The Omnisecuritas difference


No need for dedicated solutions for full mobile device management. Oversee all company iOS, Android and other endpoint devices from a single point with Security Management Center.


combines multilayered technology, machine learning and human expertise to provide its customers with the best level of protection possible. Our technology is constantly adjusting and changing to provide the best balance of detection, false positives and performance.


Whenever a zero-day threat such as ransomware is seen, the file is sent to our cloud-based, where the threat is detonated and behavior is monitored. Results of this system are provided to all mobile endpoints without requiring any updates.


AV has been in the security industry for over 30 years
and continues to evolve its technology to stay one step
ahead of the newest threats. This has led us to be trusted
by over 110 million users worldwide.



Countless times, an organization’s biggest concern is the performance impact of a mobile protection solution. AV continue to excel in the performance arena and win third-party tests that prove how lightweight our endpoints are on systems.




AV has 22 offices worldwide, 13 R&D facilities and presence in over 200 countries and territories. This helps to provide our customers with a worldwide perspective on all the most recent trends and threats





Not only is ransomware a desktop and server threat, but it is also a threat on mobile devices. Businesses want to make sure that all of their data is protected from being ransomed.


✓ Deploy AV Mobile Security to all mobile devices to ensure that Android devices are protected from any type of malware.

✓ Restrict Android devices from installing applications from unknown sources to limit risk.


Organizations are not only concerned with devices being lost or stolen but also with data theft when employment is terminated.


✓ Enforce a security policy that requires mobile devices to be encrypted.

✓ Implement security policies that require passcodes or pins to be set on all devices.

✓ Lockout or remotely wipe devices when needed.


Different organizations have different policies related to the use of mobile devices, and administrators want to ensure that all devices and users remain in compliance.


✓ Implement restrictions to limit phone calls and messages during work hours to work devices.

✓ Restrict which applications can be installed on devices.

✓ Restrict access to unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

✓ Ensure that security features of phones are enabled and implemented.